Rent-kano [English version] Reservation form

Rent-kano [English version] Please read the precautions and prohibitions below. The reservation form will appear when you scroll down. Please fill in the items and send.

First of all. Our store is a rental girlfriend. This is not a site to find a real girlfriend.
It's not a dating site. This is not a site for finding LINE friends (email friends), etc. It is neither a matching app nor a dad-hunting site.
To prevent accidents, we generally do not allow dates in closed spaces.
Our store is not an adult entertainment store that provides sexual services. In the unlikely event that during the date there is an invitation for a sexual relationship, talk of a fatherhood contract, or even an attempted kiss or hug, the date will be canceled at that point. (No refunds will be given) Furthermore, we cannot accept dates until the time the girl cannot return home by the last train. (Only cast members (cast members over 25 years old) who have been approved by us can go on a date after the last train. If we anticipate that a cast member will not be able to catch the last train, we will charge the taxi fare in advance.Date (Basically, from 6 a.m. until the last train) Posting or writing about date details or cast reviews on SNS, bulletin boards, etc. is also completely prohibited.

Constraints in contact, dirty jokes, underwear, sexual content, assisted dating, wanting to exchange phone numbers, wanting to meet in person, bare legs, coming in a miniskirt, consultation on your concerns (please discuss your concerns on a date), etc. may be blocked without prior notice.

The girl also has school and work, so she can't use LINE (mail) every day.

◆◆Prohibited matters◆◆

◆Acts of sexual demands, sexual desires, and coercion, financial negotiations, adult relationship negotiations, misunderstanding that the person is trying to be a dad, etc. (The date ends as soon as this topic comes up.)
◆ [Paid] Holding hands and folding arms is available as a paid option (hugging and kissing are strictly prohibited)
◆ Normal hand-holding and arm-crossing are possible, but please refrain from forcing lovers to hold hands or holding hands for long periods of time to prevent infection.
(Permission from the cast members themselves is required to judge hand-holding)
◆Invitation/solicitation of dates, etc. to female staff (girlfriends) that do not use our store as an intermediary
◆Prying into privacy/stalking
◆Using abusive language, swearing, threats, violence, and yelling
◆Forced drinking
◆Forcing email, line, or phone calls (can be used as an online girlfriend)
◆Date with specified clothing (depending on the cast. Possible for a fee)
◆Acts other than service content
◆Make or cause excessive demands, touching other than hands/arms (excessive advances, forcing people to use LINE every day, or continuously sending LINE), etc.
◆Acts such as unauthorized photography, voyeurism, recording, eavesdropping, etc.
◆Publishing the details of the date, information about the girlfriend, and the content of interactions with the secretariat and the girlfriend on SNS Twitter or WEBSITE, or any similar actions.
◆Touching or stealing her property without permission
◆Acts of moving to a place where contact cannot be made.
◆Acts that restrict you even after the service hours have ended (extension fee required)
◆Acts of forcing free extensions after (and during) service hours (such as leading to free extensions through games, etc.) or after-sales services.
◆Acts of asking for your personal LINE ID or phone number
◆Attempting to force a cast member to quit her rental job
◆Trying to keep in touch even after quitting
◆Acts of offering goods, investment, etc., and acts of saying or emailing to transfer or hand over the funds.
◆How much per month? Acts of asking someone to be your girlfriend or asking for her marriage by personally paying money, etc.
◆ Acts of giving expensive items as gifts, making complaints after giving gifts, and asking for something in return
・Other acts that our company deems inappropriate.
In addition, even after the end of the service, if a customer has a complaint from a girl and it is determined that the above applies, after confirming the facts, if the payment has already been made, no refund will be given. We will refuse any further use of this information and take decisive action.

If you engage in prohibited acts that exceed the limits, we may report you to the police, use a private investigation company to inquire about your identity, file a police report, or take legal action. We will charge you for the costs incurred.

Rental girlfriend《Rent-kano》Date application
Name (real full name)
(Fake names are not allowed)
You will receive an email with instructions from For carrier mail, please cancel the domain designation. Please note that there are many cases where we do not receive your email, so please use a non-carrier email if possible. (If you still don't receive it, please check if it's in your spam folder)
mobile phone
mobile phone
Age group

her name
Please enter the full name of the girl you met with. Multiple entries are also possible. (You can enter in English) If you write something that doesn't make sense, we will not respond.
Date reservation date & time
(Ex) 3 hours from 17:00 on Friday, December 24th
Please fill in with reference to the example (you can fill in up to 3 lines)
meeting place
(Ex) JR Osaka Station central ticket gate, near the Midori no Madoguchi
Please fill in the details clearly and clearly (you can fill in up to 3 lines).
Questions about dates and locations

We recommend that you have a meeting in advance via email or LINE.
If we haven't had a meeting, we often have to coordinate the schedule with the cast.
Payment method

★If you use PayPal, please register as a PayPal member first (registration is free)
Various credit/debit cards and bank accounts are accepted.
Date content
Please write about lunch, a walk, karaoke, dinner, a movie at a bar, etc.
If there is an optional date, please proceed to the next step (up to 10 lines can be filled in)
option date

*Multiple selections possible. Do not check if there are no options. Please note that this option is not available for some cast members, so please discuss this in advance (before making a reservation).
Important matter

Note! During the date, the date will end if you mention any touching other than holding hands or folding arms, wanting an adult relationship, wanting to be a dad, wanting to meet without going to the store, etc. Please read and abide by the prohibited items and terms of use listed on the site.
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